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Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to create this blog as a small step towards rectifying the general opinion and impression that Literature is an intensely difficult subject which can neither be understood nor enjoyed. Even in my previous school, Literature was the only subject deemed impossible to acquire a passing grade in and hated with a burning passion. This fact saddens me a lot for I feel that the written word is the best way to express one’s self and much can be gleaned about a person from how they write.

According to me, there’s nothing complicated about it because it is all about opinion. If you like something, express your appreciation, if you don’t then voice your dislike. That’s as simple as it gets. No limitations, no exceptions; actually it’s the only thing which one CANNOT get wrong, as if your answer differs from the rest, then it is just a difference in opinions with the general public that you have. No one can fault you on having a diverse approach, only catch is that you have to explain that approach properly and make a solid case in your favor, which the examiner cannot disagree with even if he chooses not to agree with it.

That is what most of my posts will be about: how to go about expressing then explaining your opinion. Feel free to drop a comment at any time, or ask up if you have any particular piece of work that you need analyzed or reviewed.

Enjoy your stay here!

Hareem ur Rehman.


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